How to get sure profit betting sports?


Sports betting is always associated with gambling heat and instability in earnings. Nevertheless, you may nullify your risk and get regular income using any of these ways.

1. Forecast

If you’re interested in sports, you know such particular team nuances as вы активно интересуетесь спортивными событиями, то знаете определенные нюансы конкретных команд: team and coaching staff, existence of traumatized players etc. Relying on this information you may make a forecast of the event you need.

The only disadvantage is to be able to constantly view all the matches, perfectly know the rules, watch the news and be good at analysing. It takes much time. Moreover, there is always a risk of a loss.  

2. Buying a forecast

You don’t need to waste your time but just buy a forecast. Some gamblers make money like this and sale their sports projections. You may find them on forums or social networks.

But this way has its disadvantages. First, you give money to win, so you’d have to bet twice as much money as you’ve given for your forecast. Second, you may run into a fraud saling fake projection.

3. Sports betting strategies

Betting strategy is crucial in sports as well as in any other business. You rely only on your luck, if you have no clear plan of action. However, you get regular income in case of acting in accordance with a certain strategy.

There are planty of betting strategies: surebets, middles, value betting, flat, Martingale system,  Oscar’s Grind startegy, bankroll percentage etc.

The only safe strategy is betting surebets. The point is that you’re betting different outcomes of the particulat event at different bookmakers. Cosequently, you win no matter what the otcome is. There are several types of surebets: live surebets and prematch surebets.

Surebets — best way to earn on bets

Surebet is an arbitrage situation when you bet on several possible outcomes and win no matter the otcome is. The average profit of the gambler is 15-20% of the bankroll (experienced gamblers earn even more). Particular earnings depend on your bet.

The major issue of every newbie is where to search for arbs. Doing that manually takes pretty much time and efforts. That’s why they use specialized services to search for arbs automatically. Arb scanners ease this process substentially.


Surebet betting strategy is the best way to make money on arbs, and a win-win outcome is the clearest confirmation of that. Good luck!

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